Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the most challenging mode of translation, during which the interpreter performs the translation simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. Performing this mode of interpretation is only possible with special equipment for simultaneous interpretation with the distribution of languages. 

Ukrainian Touch Translation agency offers:
  • rental of Bosch and Sennheiser simultaneous interpretation equipment for holding conferences, seminars, forums, trainings of various levels;
  •  maintenance during the event (our specialists will deliver the equipment, connect, test and will be there until the end of the event, immediately providing assistance and making sure that the interpretation is performed without interruptions and interferences, after which they will promptly dismantle and take away all the equipment; 
  • written translation of texts and audio / video materials for the event;
  • simultaneous interpretation, services of highly experienced simultaneous interpreters;
  • consecutive interpretation; 

Simultaneous interpretation at a business forum

Simultaneous interpretation into English

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Headphones

International forum

Simultaneous interpretation in a euro-booth

Video broadcast

Equipment rental prices

Sennheiser simultaneous interpretation system for the audience of 25 listeners in Kyiv starting
from 6000 UAH 

  • Sennheiser simultaneous interpretation system: 1 unit
  • Sennheiser delegate set (receiver): 1 unit
  • Synchronized round table microphone: 1 unit
  • Sound set: 1 unit
  • Portable interpreter booth (desktop): 1 unit (or Eurostandard interpreter booth: 3000 UAH / 1 unit)

The rental price for equipment for simultaneous interpretation depends on the number of participants and the number of target languages. 

Bosch equipment set for simultaneous interpretation for the audience of 25 listeners starting
from 10 000 UAH / day 

  • BOSCH Integrus simultaneous interpretation receivers with headphones, 25 units
  • BOSCH IDesk interpreter console, 2 units
  • DCN-CCU control unit and INT-TX04 transmitter, set
  • LBB4511 / 00 medium power infrared radiator, stand, 1 unit
  • Interpreter euro-booth AudiPack Silent 9300, 1 unit
  • BOSCH DCN NG conference system rostrum microphone, 1 unit


Except for the standard set of equipment, you can also order multimedia projectors, projection screens, plasma panels, LED screens, digital conference systems, interactive voting systems, sound systems and other necessary equipment.

Ukrainian Touch Translation Agency provides services for the rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation for conferences, seminars, forums, trainings of various levels, not only in Kyiv, but in all other cities of Ukraine and abroad! Our specialists travel to other countries while being paid at Ukrainian rates, which is always beneficial to the customer!  


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