Sworn translation

In case you are planning to study, work or live in Poland, you need to have all your documents translated by a SWORN POLISH TRANSLATOR. 

  • Sworn translation of educational documents from Ukrainian into Polish for admission to higher educational institutions and technical schools in Poland: sworn translation of school transcripts of records, high school diplomas with supplements, university diplomas with supplements;  
  • Sworn Polish translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates; 
  • Sworn certified translation of powers of attorney, guardianship statements, agreements; 
  • Accredited Polish translation of certificates of no criminal record, school certificates, etc. 

Prices for sworn translation


750 UAH

1 standard page or a standard document

Execution period:

3 working days.

  • Polish sworn translation
  • Slovak sworn translation
  • German sworn translation
  • Sworn (accredited) translation into Italian at the Italian Embassy in Ukraine
  • Czech sworn translation

Contact us or send your documents in order to find out the exact prices for sworn translation. 

Some of our sworn translators work in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, so it is possible to pick up the completed translated documents at the offices of these countries by prior agreement, or we can arrange for courier deliveries in the required country, not necessary from Ukraine.  

Polish sworn translation

Ukrainian Touch Translation Agency provides sworn translation services. 

Our sworn Polish language translator is included in the list of sworn translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland. Our translator performs certified sworn translations into Polish, in accordance with the legislation of Poland, URGENTLY, ON TIME AND AVAILABLE to all citizens of Ukraine. Our sworn translations do not require any additional notary certification and are accepted by all public authorities, educational institutions and other organizations in Poland.  

Our translator is accredited, he fulfills his duties in accordance with the Law “On the position of a sworn translator” dated November 25th, 2004, his activities are constantly checked and monitored by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.  

 Our sworn translator has obtained the necessary higher education and certificates, so you can be sure that our translations will be valid in any institution in Poland. 

Example of Sworn translation into Polish:


All documents must be drawn up in either Ukrainian or Russian language. If the document contains information on both languages, the double certification of the translation into Polish will be applied – one made by a sworn translator of the Russian language, and another one made by a sworn translator of the Ukrainian language.

We send originals of completed notarized translations throughout Ukraine and abroad. We accept original documents through Nova Poshta. 

For performing a translation, you only need to provide a scanned copy of your documents, we will translate, notarize and send them to you in electronic form. The original translation will be sent to you through Nova Poshta or by carriers abroad. 

Before ordering a sworn translation, you need to find out whether an apostille must be affixed on the document.  

We also provide the following services: Written translation, Notarized translation into any language, URGENT apostille affixing


Please leave your contact information and our specialist will reach out to you as soon as possible.

    Sworn translation from real professionals

    It is an official translation of a document performed by a qualified specialist. He must have the appropriate right to provide such a service. A sworn translation can also be called a certified translation. It is very important to order it in a proven place where only real professionals work.

    Features of modern certified translation

    Sworn translators are highly qualified professionals who not only have an excellent command of two or more languages, but also a deep understanding of their vocabulary, grammar and cultural context. They undergo special training and certification tests to ensure a high level of professional expertise.

    They also adhere to strict norms and ethical standards. They are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information they translate and maintain a high level of objectivity and professionalism.

    In many cases, sworn translators specialize in specific fields, among which a few of the most common can be noted:

    • Right.
    • Medicine.
    • Science.

    This allows them to use appropriate terms and terminology, ensuring accuracy and clarity of the text. All this affects the final result accordingly. It is important to order a sworn translation in Kyiv from a translation agency that has repeatedly demonstrated its high level in various situations and that understands exactly how to meet the client’s needs.

    What else distinguishes this type of translation?

    A sworn translation is officially recognized and legally binding in many jurisdictions. Such translations are often used in court proceedings, legalization of documents for international transactions and other situations where legal accuracy and correct understanding of the text is required. Such translation of documents may be needed in various situations. Therefore, you need to know exactly where to go to get it quickly and with a guarantee of quality.

    In today’s world, where globalization is the norm, sworn translation is used in international relations, diplomacy and many other areas where the accuracy of linguistic expression is crucial. It is very popular in Kyiv, because international cooperation is developing at a very active pace.

    Advantages of turning to professionals

    To get this type of translation with many advantages, you need to contact a high-quality and modern bureau. In this case, you can get the following benefits:

    • Professionals strictly adhere to confidentiality and ethical standards. They guarantee the protection of confidential information and compliance with professional standards throughout the translation process.
    • It is granted quite quickly and together with official recognition and legal force.
    • A fair price is guaranteed.
    • Harmony of speed and quality.

    In a reliable translation agency, sworn translation is not only a language transfer process, but also an important tool for ensuring fidelity, accuracy and trust in language examinations. If you choose a proven and truly professional translation agency, you can get a high-quality final result in a predetermined time frame.