Simultaneous translation services

Simultaneous translation consists in the fact that the translator processes the text in real time. That is, while the speech of the speaker is taking place. The translation of the speech is provided immediately with minimal delays. That is why it is called synchronous.

In this case, specialists need to be able to listen to the speech, perceive any accents and pronunciations of the speakers, as well as be able to mentally translate the text quickly and provide a high-quality translation in just a few seconds.

What is simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous interpretation should in no case be confused with oral interpretation. This is a more complex procedure that requires increased concentration. Specialists with special education and experience are involved in it. Synchronists can:

  • for a long time (from two hours or longer) to concentrate on what the speaker is saying;
  • quickly process his speech;
  • immediately translate the text without additional adaptation and changes.

Translation takes place without any pauses. That is, the specialist immediately issues a translation of the speaker’s speech, which requires special skills: quick perception, high concentration, and the ability to quickly convey a text of any style/format/complexity, etc.

Synchronist services are relevant at a number of events where foreign speakers are invited or, on the contrary, Ukrainian specialists who will deliver speeches for foreign visitors. These are mainly conferences, seminars, as well as business negotiations.

How the cost of simultaneous translation is formed

You can often hear that simultaneous interpretation is quite expensive. This is true – the price of 1 hour of work by 2 translators ranges from UAH 3,500-4,500. The final cost of the service will depend on the style of the speech, from which and into which language the translation will be required, etc.

Such a high cost is explained by the complexity of the process, including organizational aspects. After all, in order to carry out simultaneous translation, it is necessary to timely deliver and install, as well as configure professional equipment. In addition, the work should be performed by at least 2 translators – one specialist will not be able to cope with the simultaneous analysis of the text and may lose the speaker’s opinion.

So, when you pay for the service, you also pay for:

  • organizational work;
  • translation from two or more synchronists;
  • temporary rental of microphones, headphones and other equipment.

How to order simultaneous translation

To order the simultaneous translation service, fill out the feedback form. Enter your name, phone number and email address. You can also ask questions in advance or write additional requirements and wishes. Our managers will call you in a few minutes to place the order and discuss all the details. There is no need to waste time visiting our office – we can agree on the date and time of arrival of translation bureau specialists, the duration of translators’ work and other details over the phone.

Why should you choose the Ukrainian Touch translation agency?

The Ukrainian Touch translation agency has many years of experience, including simultaneous translation in various languages. We employ qualified professionals who can provide professional translation at various events and on any topic. By ordering a simultaneous translation service on our website, you can count on:

  1. Affordable cost of the order. Yes, simultaneous translation cannot be called a cheap service. Prices for it will be formed depending on the duration of work of translators, complexity of the order, translation language, etc. However, we offer the most loyal and profitable conditions with a minimum cost of UAH 3,500-4,500 per hour. For this amount, you can count on the help of two qualified translators who will translate oral speech in parallel with the speaker for an hour.
  2. Use of modern high-quality equipment. In order to ensure high-quality simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to ensure that the interpreter hears all the nuances of speech. We use the latest powerful equipment: consoles, microphones, headphones, booths for translators, conference systems, etc. That is, we take over the entire organizational process, and we can also provide special equipment for rent on favorable terms.
  3. We work in different parts of the city. You can order simultaneous translation in Kyiv by specifying the desired address, and our translators will arrive in advance to install the equipment. We guarantee no delays and a responsible approach.

Ukrainian Touch operates in the city of Kyiv and offers various types of text translation services, as well as provides professional and modern equipment for simultaneous translation. Our specialists take on even the most difficult tasks, are fluent in various languages, respond quickly to any non-standard situations, and also know various peculiarities of pronunciation and accents to provide high-quality services.

Prices for simultaneous interpretation
per hour (2 interpreters):

Price: from 4500 UAH


Our translation agency provides the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation. The price for required equipment varies from 6000 UAH per day within the city (Kyiv), depending on the number of listeners. You can get answers to all your questions personally by calling us at:

Simultaneous interpretation into Romanian language

Simultaneous interpretation into English performed in pairs

Simultaneous interpretation performed in pairs

Simultaneous interpretation performed in a euro-booth

Simultaneous interpretation into English

Simultaneous interpretation into French

Chuchotage (whispering, sub-simultaneous interpretation) is a type of simultaneous interpretation in which the interpreter, being alongside the listener, whispers the interpretation into his ear simultaneously with the speaker’s speech.

The process of whispering interpretation raises a number of issues related to surrounding noises and the non-isolated working environment in which the interpreter has to work.

When ordering a whispering interpretation service, you should be aware of the limitations of this mode.

  1. The interpretation is only possible for a target audience of 2-3 listeners, as more people simply will not be able to hear the interpreter.
  2. The interpreted text is shortened and only tackles its main points.
  3. Only high qualified specialists will be suitable to perform this type of interpretation, they must be fluent in the required foreign language, as well as the topic of the event.
You can order too:  Equipment for simultaneous interpretation, Consecutive interpretation


Please leave your contact information and our specialist will reach out to you as soon as possible.

    Accurate simultaneous translation: features and advantages

    Simultaneous translation may be needed in various situations, but here it is very important to contact real professionals. This is the only way to get a high-quality result and the most accurate translation. In fact, such a translation is a higher form of language skill that allows you to maintain a continuous flow of information between different languages. This is a complex process in which translators, like real professionals, instantly transform the utterance, ensuring its accuracy and emotional richness.

    Differences in quality simultaneous interpretation

    One of the main tasks of simultaneous translation is to preserve the accuracy and expressiveness of speech. Translators must convey not only words, but also shades of emotions, be able to choose the right intonation and at the same time preserve the individuality of the original. This requires them to have a high level of command of the language and a deep understanding of the cultural context. That is why you should contact only real professionals for such a service. Kyiv is a big city, where many translation agencies work, but among them you need to choose the most qualified and experienced specialists.

    In the world of simultaneous interpretation, there is a kind of professional ethics. Translators must adhere to strict principles of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information. Their neutrality and objectivity play a key role in preserving the entire text and adapting it for different audiences. If you order a service from a reliable bureau, you can get all this guaranteed.

    Simultaneous interpretation is a real mental gymnastics for the person who is engaged in it. Translators must quickly process information, retain part of the text in memory and simultaneously express it in another language. It requires a high level of concentration, quick thinking and analytical skills. That is why only real professionals in this field will be able to ensure a combination of quality and accuracy. At the same time, the prices can be really affordable.

    Modern technologies for improving translation quality

    Modern technologies greatly facilitate the work of simultaneous interpreters. From special hearing aids to computer programs that help you memorize terminology and quickly access resources, technology is making it more efficient and convenient. Among the main advantages of their use can be noted:

    • Increasing accuracy.
    • The growth of translation quality.
    • Minimizing the likelihood of making mistakes.

    All this is very important for achieving a positive result.

    Simultaneous interpretation in Kyiv

    If you choose a reliable translation agency that has been working in this field for more than ten years, you can get many advantages:

    • Personal approach.
    • Maximum quality.
    • Affordable prices.
    • Convenience of ordering, etc.

    Simultaneous translation is a real art that requires not only language skills, but also a high culture of working with other people and different situations. It allows the world to speak without language barriers and is a key tool for the development of international cooperation and mutual understanding. The main thing is to order it from real professionals.