Notarized translation into any language

Notarized translation is a type of written translation that is performed by a certified translator and signed by a notary. Such a translation is necessary for the document to gain legal force. Translation of a document is performed by a specialist holding a degree in the field of “Translation”. Then the certified translation and the original of the document (along with its notarized copy) are signed and sealed by a notary. Such a notarized translation can be submitted to the public authorities of Ukraine and other countries. 

Certification with a stamp of the translation agency

from 50 UAH

if the documents do not require notarization.

Notarization of translations

from 250 UAH.


Translation of standard personal documents and notarization

Translation of passports, driver’s licenses, marriage (divorce) certificates, birth (death) certificates, powers of attorney, diplomas and diploma supplements, high school diplomas and high school diploma supplements, employment certificates, certificates (extracts) of no criminal record, employment record books, travel permissions for a child, etc. 

Translation of documents for embassies with notarization

Translation of documents issued by the Civil Registry Office (civil registration authorities), documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, documents issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, documents issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. 

You may order Sworn translation as well.

Translation of an old-style Birth Certificate, certified by the seal/stamp of the translation agency.

Notarized translation


We send originals of completed notarized translations throughout Ukraine and abroad. We accept original documents through Nova Poshta.

For performing a translation, you only need to provide a scanned copy of your documents, we will translate, notarize and send them to you in electronic form. The original translation will be sent to you through Nova Poshta or by carriers abroad. 


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