Ukrainian Touch Translation Agency is known for providing translation services since 2009, our clients know us very well, they come back to us and we are always glad to meet new clients!!!! Therefore, thank you for contacting us! You made the right choice.

Over the 14 years of painstaking work, the specialists of Ukrainian Touch Translation Agency have gained the experience and trust of many well-known companies in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhya, Lviv, Odesa, as well as of companies in other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

Well-known leading companies of Ukraine, state institutions, ministries, chambers of commerce and industry, public authorities, the best TV channels, medical, technical, law universities and academies, factories, production plants, industrial enterprises, large banks, organizations, private enterprises and entrepreneurs work with us.

  • sworn translation from / into Polish (accredited, legal translation)
  • sworn translation from/ into Czech (Czech accredited, legal translation)
  • translation of confidential information
  • translation of personal documents
  • translation of audio and video materials
  • website translation
  • notarized translation
  • apostille
  • legalization of documents
  • interpretation of skype conferences
  • interpretation of phone calls
  • notarization (certification) of translations
  • certification (legalization) of translations with the seal of the translator or the seal of the translation agency
  • issue of extracts (certificates) of no criminal record
  • oral consecutive interpretation
  • oral simultaneous interpretation
  • rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  • live streams on YouTube, Facebook, etc
  • notarized translation
  • translation of confidential information
  • sworn translation from/ into Czech (Czech accredited, legal translation)

You can order a translator from our agency for

  • nplDutch
  • nplTurkish
  • nplHungarian
  • nplEnglish
  • nplSpanish
  • nplItalian
  • nplGerman
  • nplRomanian
  • nplCzech
  • nplFrench
  • nplSlovak
  • nplPolish
  • nplGeorgian
  • nplChinese
  • nplLithuanian
  • nplPersian (Farsi)
  • npland other languages

Our simultaneous interpreters and equipment technicians will help you organize your event at the highest level. Always at your service, in any city of Ukraine, new modern Bosch and Sennheiser simultaneous interpreting equipment, organization of simultaneous interpretation online in Zoom and other customer platforms, live streams of your event on YouTube etc.

Our services:


Apostille is a special stamp confirming the authenticity of the signature and the seal on the document, as well as the authority of a person who signed the document. After affixing the apostille stamp on a document at one of the Ministries of Ukraine, the document can be legally used abroad in the countries, who signed the 1961 Hague Convention and require this apostille.

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Extract (certificate) of no criminal record

You may need this document in various life situations, such as employment, obtaining a visa, or carrying out various legal transactions.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine allows citizens to obtain this document independently. However, the procedure for obtaining an Extract (Certificate) of no criminal record independently can take up to 10 days and includes visiting the police department, filling out applications and waiting for processing.

If you are looking for a faster way to get an Extract (Certificate) of no criminal record without having to wait in line, we recommend using our services.

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Written translation


  • Literary translation (translation of literary texts, poems and song lyrics).
  • Economic translation (translation of economic texts and terms). 
  • Legal translation (translation of legal documentation, contracts, international contracts, agreements, constituent documents, laws, regulations, orders, statements, appeals).
  • Technical translation (translation of technical literature, instructions for installation, technical descriptions, projects, diagrams). 
  • Medical translation (translation of medical certificates 063 and others, translation of medical examinations, medical texts and articles, documentation on clinical trials of medication, instructions for medical equipment, medical reports and conclusions).
  • Financial translation (translation of financial documents, invoices, guarantees, bank statements, balance inquiries, salary reports).
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Notarized translation into any language

Notarized translation is a type of written translation that is performed by a certified translator and signed by a notary. Such a translation is necessary for the document to gain legal force. Translation of a document is performed by a specialist holding a degree in the field of “Translation”. Then the certified translation and the original of the document (along with its notarized copy) are signed and sealed by a notary. Such a notarized translation can be submitted to the public authorities of Ukraine and other countries.



Translation of standard personal documents and notarization (translation of passports, driver’s licenses, marriage (divorce) certificates, birth (death) certificates, powers of attorney, diplomas and diploma supplements, high school diplomas and high school diploma supplements, employment certificates, extracts (certificates) of no criminal record, employment record books, travel permissions for a child, etc.).

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Sworn translation

Sworn translation is a type of written translation that does not require notarization as it is performed by an authorized sworn (accredited, legal) translator holding a certificate or a license of a sworn translator.

We provide services in sworn translation into Polish and sworn translation into Czech. We can certify translations into other languages at the corresponding Embassies.

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Consecutive interpretation

Our consecutive interpreters perform:

  • interpretation at business meetings, negotiations, forums, seminars, conferences;
  • interpretation in court, at a notary, in the civil registry office (because they hold degrees in translating, not in teaching);
  • interpretation of online conferences, phone calls, skype conferences;
  • interpretation of web-sites, audio / video materials;
  • interpretation of friendly meetings, interpretation at weddings;
  • interpretation of any event where the misunderstandings in communication may occur.

When performing consecutive interpretation, everyone present must understand that they need to make pauses and thus provide the interpreter with the opportunity to work.

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Simultaneous interpretation

Recently, not a single international conference or meeting has been held without simultaneous interpretation. There is always a simultaneous interpreter in a special soundproof booth, who listens to the speaker’s report with the help of headphones and reproduces his speech into a microphone in a target language.

The work of such an interpreter is considered successful when he goes unnoticed. The less noticeable the individuality of the interpreter is, the more accurate his interpretation becomes; the clearer and calmer his speech sounds, the less noticeable he is, which means that the act of communication becomes way more natural. From the perspective of conference organizers, simultaneous interpretation saves time, even though it can be performed in many languages.

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Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the most challenging mode of translation, during which the interpreter performs the translation simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. Performing this mode of interpretation is only possible with special equipment for simultaneous interpretation with the distribution of languages.

Standard set of equipment for simultaneous interpretation:

  • floor-standing interpreter booth (euro-booth) or desktop booth (portable);
  • interpreter consoles;
  • mixer board;
  • microphones and headphones;
  • receivers and transmitters;
  • radio microphones, rostrum microphones;
  • sound system;
  • conference system.
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Select the translation language

Written translation

from 200 UAH

Consecutive interpretation

from 1500 UAH

Simultaneous interpretation

from 3500-4500 UAH/hour

We work in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Lviv, Cherkasy, ​​Sumy, Vinnytsia, Poltava and other cities of Ukraine. You are welcome to visit our offices.


When ordering a translation through our website, you can get a 10% discount.




Review from “Support to the implementation of the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Roadmap for Harmonization in Ukraine.”


Review from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Review from Focus Estate Fund.


Reviews from the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov


Reviews from the Zaporizhzhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Reviews from the Corporate Events Agency "Two Companions"


Reviews from LLC Inter Pass Invest'


Reviews from the Poltava Medical Glass Plant


Reviews from the Organic Systems LLC

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Simultaneous interpretation into German in Odesa.

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Simultaneous interpretation at the Office of the Prosecutor General

Consecutive interpretation at the Office of the Prosecutor General

Military interpreter in vest and helmet

Ohmatdyt. Interpreter with a group of coaches

Ohmatdyt. Medical interpretation and a memorable photo with a coach

Translation at a medical conference

Interpreting in a bomb shelter during an air alert


  • Language sensitivity: On the importance of taking into account specific cultural features in translations

    We will look at the importance of understanding and taking into account cultural differences when performing a translation, and provide

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