Apostille for a certificate of secondary education

The certificate is issued by the school and indicates that you have completed secondary education. Such a document is valid in any corner of Ukraine. But in order for the certificate to be legally used abroad, it must be certified by the consulate. However, member countries of the Hague Convention have significantly simplified this procedure. Today, in order to give a document legal force, it is enough to order apostille for a certificate of secondary education.

This is a special stamp placed exclusively on the original documents of the old or new sample, as well as on attachments to them.How to do apostille for a certificate? There is no need to waste time, effort and money visiting the Ministry – you can entrust this procedure to our specialists.

Who affixes an apostille on a certificate of secondary education

Apostille of secondary education certificates is carried out by the relevant authorities. In this case, this is the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. There you can legalize the document for further use abroad. If previously you had to visit the Ministry on your own, wasting time on trips and queues, today you can delegate this procedure, entrusting it to our specialists.

We help put apostille quickly and in compliance with all current norms and standards, including the requirements of the country where you plan to use the apostilled document in the future.

What is an apostille for a certificate of secondary education?

We should take a closer look at what an apostille is and why it needs to be affixed, including on a certificate of secondary education. The fact is that on the territory of Ukraine, all diplomas and certificates issued by high schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions are legal and valid, regardless of what year they were issued.

However, apostille of certificates is required as soon as you cross the border for:

  • admission to higher education;
  • transfer to another higher educational institution, that is, after a certain period of study at a university in Ukraine;
  • work in enterprises that require full certification of your specialty and education.

A special stamp makes documents legal and gives them legal force in member countries of the Hague Convention. This is noticeable rather than certification of documents at the consulate. Especially today when you canorder apostille for a certificate of secondary education on our website. the stamp is affixed even without your presence – everything will happen quickly so that you can quickly receive a ready-made package of documents, valid even abroad.

How to obtain an apostille for a certificate

First of all, it is worth noting that the apostille for a certificate of secondary education is affixed exclusively to the original document. That is, even if you have a copy certified by a notary in your hands, it cannot be officially confirmed. So, be sure to ensure that you have a valid and intact certificate. If there are significant defects, you should contact the appropriate authorities to obtain a duplicate.

Having an original certificate of secondary education, ordering an apostille for it is as simple as possible:

  1. Contact our specialists to discuss all the details. We will tell you about the deadlines, calculate what the final result will beprice services etc.
  2. Send us your education document. We ourselves will provide him with Ministry employees for apostille.

The final stages are the translation of the diploma text into the language of the country where you plan to use the document in the future. Our specialists provide professional, qualified translation of the text followed by its certification by a notary. We prepare sworn translations of documents.

Indicate the Nova Poshta branch closest to you – as soon as all the documents are ready, we will send them to the specified address. Typically, apostille of certificates is carried out within 3 working days. However, if you provide an old document, the procedure may take up to 30 working days.

From us you can order an urgent apostille, which is carried out in one working day, but with an added cost.

Why choose Ukrainian Touch

The Ukrainian Touch company is engaged in apostilling certificates of secondary education, taking into account all current requirements and legislative norms. By working with us, you can count on:

  • favorable prices for services;
  • fast execution of orders and compliance with deadlines;
  • a full range of document preparation services, including certification by a notary, text translation, etc.

We work in the city Kyiv and provide qualified advice over the telephone. You can send certificates from anywhere in the country and count on the document being quickly apostilled.

Order an apostille for a school certificate

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