Passport apostille

Apostille is a special stamp that is placed on documents to make them legal in countries that have signed the Hague Convention. Various categories of documents can be apostilled: from birth or education certificates to court or medical certificates, as well as documents directly certifying your identity.

A stamp is affixed in the ministries. And today, in order to order an apostille for your passport, you don’t need to waste time and visit different authorities. It is enough to prepare a copy of the document, notarize it and send it to us. We will quickly put an apostille on the passport in accordance with all current requirements and standards without your presence.

Why put an apostille on a passport?

Foreign passports are in most cases legal in the territory of other countries. However, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine needs to be additionally certified so that you can use it for various purposes while abroad. Even notarized copies without an apostille on the passport are not considered valid.

Of course, there is no need to prepare a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in any special way for traveling or a temporary stay for the purpose of tourism, legalizing it abroad. It will be enough to use your foreign or biometric passport – for some countries, you will also need a visa.

Affixing an apostille is mandatory for:

  • registration of a marriage with a foreigner or a citizen of Ukraine, but on the territory of the countries of the Hague Convention;
  • registration and opening of a bank account abroad;
  • preparation of documents for submission to the courts of other countries;
  • registration of business or official employment in the territory of other countries.

To carry out apostillation, you need to make a copy of absolutely all pages of the document, stitch them together and certify them at a notary. Scan pages even if they are blank.

How to order an apostille for a passport

To order an apostille for a passport, you must first make a copy of the document by scanning all its pages. You will also need to notarize all photocopies to confirm that the document is valid.

Send a notarized copy of your passport to our specialists. Please note that the sheet should not be damaged or deformed. We carry out apostillation of the document in the relevant authorities, take the passport to the Ministry for affixing a stamp.

In the future, the apostilled document is translated into the language of the country where you plan to use the passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the future. We provide a qualified translation, certify it, and prepare a sworn translation of documents.

The last stage: sending you the apostilled passport by postal service to the nearest branch. Apostillation of a foreign passport or ID card is carried out in the same way. Additionally, you can also put a stamp on other documents certifying your identity: employment record, pension certificate, military ID, etc.

Why should you choose the Ukrainian Touch company?

The Ukrainian Touch company has extensive experience in preparing documents and legalizing them abroad. We constantly study current norms and standards, all changes in the legislation of Ukraine and other countries, which allows us to avoid any contradictions and mistakes. Including when issuing an apostille for a passport. The entire process for you takes place remotely – that is, your presence in the relevant authorities will not be necessary.

Our specialists will independently transfer the notarized document confirming your identity to the ministry. Where the appropriate stamp will be placed on it. We work in the city of Kyiv, but we accept orders and send documents to any corner of Ukraine. By ordering passport apostillation on our website, you can count on:

  1. Affordable service cost. The price of affixing an apostille to a passport is only UAH 650. And allows you to fully prepare the document before that. for it to have legal force in the countries of the Hague Convention.
  2. Saving your time. There is no need to spend days or hours waiting in lines, visiting various authorities, certifying and preparing documents. We offer the entire necessary package of services, we perform not only apostillation of passports, but also their translation into the language you need, certification by a notary, etc.
  3. Compliance with all legal regulations. We carefully study any changes introduced by the government of various countries, and we also know what requirements Ukraine puts forward for passport apostillation.
  4. Quick fulfillment of the order. The whole process will take no more than 5 working days. You can also order urgent apostillation if you need documents to be processed as quickly as possible.

Specialists of Ukrainian Touch advise on all issues and provide qualified assistance during the preparation of a package of documents that you may need outside of Ukraine.

Order an apostille for a passport

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