Apostille on the certificate of education

Certificates of higher or secondary education, issued by Ukrainian higher educational institutions or secondary schools, are valid throughout the country and are an official document confirming your general or specialized education. However, if you plan to move to another country, it may be necessary to legalize documents and give them legal force in the countries where you plan to live.

In some cases, documents are processed through the consulate. However, countries that are parties to the Hague Convention have introduced a more simplified procedure. You can order an apostille for an education certificate on our website. This is an official stamp that is placed on original documents and makes them absolutely legal in the territory of a number of countries.

Why do you need an apostille for an education certificate?

An apostille for educational attainment documents is affixed to:

  • a certificate of completion of basic secondary education, which is issued after the 9th grade;
  • a certificate of general secondary education, which is issued after the 11th grade;
  • diploma of a professional junior specialist or bachelor’s/master’s diploma of a higher educational institution.

All these documents are not required if you are going abroad for tourist purposes. However, in certain cases, legalization of Ukrainian diplomas of general or higher education is mandatory. For example, if you plan to:

  • transfer to a foreign higher education institution;
  • re-enter a higher education institution in another country – to confirm the Ukrainian diploma;
  • get a job abroad.

That is, if you are leaving Ukraine for countries participating in the Hague Convention for further education or employment, you must put a special stamp on all documents certifying that you received your education in Ukraine.

How to get an apostille for an education certificate

Before ordering an apostille for education certificates, you need to understand all the requirements for documents. Stamps are placed exclusively on documentation that is not damaged and also complies with current legal regulations. It can be an old or a new diploma, undeformed and completely intact. Apostille is affixed exclusively to original documents. Even notarized copies of diplomas are not suitable for affixing an appropriate stamp on them.

By contacting our specialists, you can delegate the apostillation of education certificates and receive all relevant documents in the shortest possible time. For this you need:

  1. Send the original and an appendix to the certificate. After receiving the document, our specialists will contact the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for apostillation of the originals.
  2. Order a translation. We provide a qualified written translation into the language of the country where you plan to use your educational certificate in the future. We also certify the translation at a notary and, if necessary, prepare a sworn translation.

The apostillation process lasts up to 3 working days. After that, we send the prepared documents by Nova Poshta to the branch number you specified.

Why should you choose the Ukrainian Touch company?

The company Ukrainian Touch specializes in the preparation of documents and their acquisition of legality abroad. We provide not only professional translation in various languages, but also help with the apostillation of certificates of general, secondary or higher specialized education. By contacting us, you can count on:

  1. Affordable cost of services. The price of an apostille on complete education is UAH 1,300. This package includes the preparation of absolutely all documentation, that is, the translation of a diploma on obtaining a higher education, a certificate on obtaining a basic general secondary education, etc. You can also order urgent apostillation of documents for an additional cost. And get all certificates with appropriate stamps within 1 day.
  2. Processing of documents in accordance with all modern norms and standards. We carefully study the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the requirements for apostillation of documents in other countries, we perform complex translation. If necessary, notarization.
  3. Saving your time. If earlier, in order to get an apostille on higher or secondary education, it was necessary to spend time visiting relevant authorities, waiting in queues, today your presence during the procedure is not required. You can send all documents to our specialists.

We work in the city of Kyiv, but we accept documents from any part of the country, send them to the post office nearest to you, so that you can receive an apostilled certificate of education with a translation and notarization of the document as soon as possible.

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