Double apostille

Documents that are considered official and were issued on the territory of Ukraine may not have legal force abroad. To make them legal, you need to get a special stamp or apostille. It is placed in relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. For some countries, a standard stamp is sufficient. While others require a special double apostille. These are mainly countries such as Switzerland, Iceland, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, etc.

On our website, you can order the service of affixing a double apostille to documents. We work in the city of Kyiv and accept orders, including online. You do not need to come to the company’s office to order the service. It is enough just to send a digital or paper version of the document and wait for the result.

What is a double apostille

Ukraine issues a number of documents that you can use, including abroad. This is, for example:

  • a diploma of secondary or higher education;
  • identity documents: passport of a citizen of Ukraine or biometric or foreign passports, driver’s license, etc.;
  • certificates from the workplace, medical institutions, court;
  • notarized documents, both originals and translations.

If you are planning to move, travel, go on a business trip or go abroad to open a business, you need to carefully prepare all the documentation. And in a number of countries there is a specific condition – double apostillation of papers. Only after affixing the appropriate stamps will they be considered legal.

Why is such an apostille called double? All because the appropriate stamp is placed both on the original and on the translation of the document. And thus certifies and legalizes both of its versions. The stamp is affixed by the relevant authorities on the reverse side of certificates and diplomas.

Double apostillation takes place in several successive stages:

  • the appropriate stamp is placed on the original of the document in the Ukrainian language;
  • after that, the diploma, certificate or certificate is sent for translation;
  • the translated document is certified by a notary;
  • after that, a second apostille is placed on it.

The language of translation of the documentation will depend on the country for which you are preparing a package of papers. You can also order a high-quality translation of references, diplomas and certificates for affixing a double apostille on our website. The Ukrainian Touch translation agency has vast experience in working with any categories and types of documentation.

How to order a double apostille in Ukraine

To order a double apostille for different categories of documents, it is enough to fill out the appropriate application on our website. Just enter your name and phone number, the email address to which we will send the stamped, ready-made document. Add comments and questions that interest you, as well as additional requirements and wishes to the order.

Separately, it will be necessary to attach or send the appropriate file for subsequent affixing of a double apostille on it. We process your order quickly and will call you back in a few minutes to discuss all the details. Our specialists will answer the questions you are interested in, tell you how the double apostille will be affixed and how quickly we will be able to fulfill the order. The final duration of the work will depend on the instance in which the stamp will be required.

Why exactly Ukrainian Touch

The Ukrainian Touch company provides various types of services related to work with documentation: from text translation to affixing stamps that make the document legal in any part of the world. By ordering a double apostille from us, you can count on:

  1. Quick execution of the order and support of specialists at every stage.
  2. Affixing of apostilles on any categories of documents in accordance with the current current norms of the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the requirements of other countries.
  3. Affordable service cost. The price of a double apostille is calculated individually and depends on the type of document, as well as the speed of order execution.

By calling the phone number indicated on our website, you can get additional detailed information and order other categories of services from the Ukrainian Touch company. Double apostille makes certificates, certificates, extracts legal in many parts of the world and is a mandatory requirement of a number of countries. We guarantee quick stamping, individual approach and compliance of the finished document with all relevant norms and standards.

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