Apostille on the birth certificate

One of the most important documents for every person, which certifies his identity and can be used at any age, is the birth certificate. Issued in any year, it is valid throughout Ukraine. However, when you plan to travel abroad and want to legalize all certificates, passports and other documents, you must go through the apostillation procedure. This is the most simplified and quite simple format, during which it is possible to put a special stamp on the birth certificate. And thus make it valid in all countries that have signed the Hague Convention.

The apostille on the birth certificate is affixed within a few working days. You can also order an urgent procedure and fully delegate the entire process to Ukrainian Touch specialists. We accept your birth certificates, give the document to the Ministry for apostillation and send back the finished one, including the translated version, which you can later use on the territory of other countries.

Why do you need an apostille for a birth certificate?

An apostille for a birth certificate may be required during a number of procedures in countries participating in the Hague Convention. Including for:

  • issuing a visa;
  • admission to a higher educational institution;
  • job placement;
  • registration of marriage with a foreigner;
  • obtaining citizenship or a residence permit.

How to get an apostille for a birth certificate

First of all, it is important to clarify what the requirements are for a birth certificate. If you want to go through the apostillation procedure, the corresponding stamp can be applied only on documents that belong to the new sample. That is, they meet the main legislative requirements of Ukraine. As of today, an apostille is not affixed to a child’s birth certificate if the document was issued during the USSR or before 2003. It was then that the reformatting of certificates took place and it was decided to abandon the booklet format.

What to do if until now you used an old-style birth certificate? After all, on the territory of Ukraine, such documents are still considered valid for a number of procedures. It is necessary to update the format by contacting the civil status registration authorities. There you can get a copy of the certificate, but already in a new, up-to-date form.

To order the apostillation service directly, contact the specialists of the Ukrainian Touch company. We help with all processes of registration and preparation of documents that you may need abroad. Everything is as simple as possible:

  1. You send us an undamaged and unlaminated version of the new sample birth certificate. Make sure the document is in good condition. In case of severe damage, a duplicate will need to be made.
  2. Our specialists are engaged in apostillation of documents in the ministry. The whole procedure takes 3-5 working days.
  3. The company’s translators prepare a document with an apostille affixed, translating it into the language used in the country where you plan to use the document in the future.

After that, our specialists certify the finished translation at a notary, prepare a sworn translation, etc. The last step is to send the birth certificate by postal services to the branch you specified.

Why should you choose Ukrainian Touch?

For many years, the Ukrainian Touch company has been engaged in the preparation of documents and their legalization, including for use abroad. We not only prepare translations in any languages ​​you need, but also carry out fast apostillation of birth certificates, in accordance with all current legal norms. By contacting our specialists, you can count on:

  1. Affordable cost of the procedure. The price of birth certificate apostillation is only UAH 650. At the same time, you completely delegate the entire process. Qualified specialists will deal with all registrations and preparation of the translation.
  2. Saving your time. It will not be necessary to go to the relevant authorities to put stamps on the birth certificate. You will be able to deal with other preparatory processes while we process your documents.
  3. Quick apostillation of the birth certificate, as well as the possibility to get the service urgently. Which is especially relevant for those who plan to go abroad in the near future.

We work in the city of Kyiv and know all current norms and standards, study any changes in legislation to avoid mistakes when working with documents, prepare professional translation of documentation, notarize it, etc. The affixed apostille gives the birth certificate legal force in any country of the Hague Convention.

Order an apostille for a birth certificate

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