Apostille on the marriage certificate

Apostille is a corresponding stamp that makes any documents legal in the territory of other countries. It is affixed to passports, diplomas, documents issued by civil status registration authorities (including marriage certificates). In this way, documents submitted in Ukraine become legal, including abroad.

You can get an apostille for a marriage certificate by contacting our specialists. Apostillation takes place on the original of the certificate – it must not be laminated or damaged in any case. We guarantee the fastest execution of services. And within 3-5 working days you will be able to get your hands on a marriage certificate with an apostille affixed to it.

When you need an apostille for a marriage certificate

For work or a long stay in the territory of other countries, it is necessary to carefully prepare all the documents that you may need. And in some cases, a marriage certificate becomes relevant. Some countries require apostillation of such a document directly for entry. In some, they are needed only to carry out certain procedures, including obtaining a citizenship permit or residence permit.

Apostillation of the marriage certificate takes place quickly. Especially if the document was issued after 2016. If you have a version of the old model, you need to update it by contacting the RATS authorities. We also assist in obtaining a duplicate if the marriage certificate has been damaged, does not meet current standards, or is lost.

With all questions, you can contact our specialists by calling the phone number or ordering feedback. We will advise and guarantee a quick apostillation of the marriage certificate, according to the current standards, as well as the requirements of a specific country. If necessary, our specialists will prepare a translation and carry out other work with documents: notarization, sworn translation, double apostillation, etc.

How to put an apostille on a marriage certificate

In order to order an apostille for a marriage certificate, it is necessary to prepare the document in advance so that it meets all the necessary requirements and is updated to the current model. This is especially relevant if you received your marriage certificate back in the times of the USSR. We only accept new document formats in a completely undamaged form.

Therefore, if necessary, contact the RATS authorities in advance in order to obtain a duplicate of the marriage certificate. The following stages of working with the document:

  1. Apostilling it in the relevant authorities. We ourselves go to the ministries in order to quickly put stamps on the back of the certificate.
  2. Additional processing of documents. If necessary, we can prepare a high-quality translation into any language, depending on where the marriage certificate will be used. We also notarize documents, prepare sworn translations, etc.
  3. Sending the certificate. During the phone conversation, we will learn all the contact information. The apostilled document is sent to you by Nova Poshta, so that you can pick it up at the nearest branch.

Why should you choose the Ukrainian Touch company?

The company Ukrainian Touch works not only as a translation agency. We also provide additional legalization and document preparation services, including apostilles on marriage certificates. Our specialists guarantee an individual responsible approach to each client. We do not leave you alone with questions and provide comprehensive consultation, thorough answers, helping to correctly prepare the certificate for subsequent apostille.

By contacting us, you can count on:

  1. The most favorable price. The price is formed depending on the terms of order execution, as well as additional services. For example, the subsequent translation of the marriage certificate and its certification by a notary, etc.
  2. Getting the job done quickly without any delays. We announce in advance the date when you can get your marriage certificate with an apostille. And we perform tasks, including in an urgent manner.
  3. No queues, waiting, visits to government institutions. We will take all the tasks upon ourselves. You don’t even need to come to the company’s office to order an apostille for a marriage certificate. Ordering takes place online.

Our specialists are aware of all the relevant current legislation of Ukraine, as well as the requirements for documentation in the country where you plan to submit a marriage certificate. This allows you to avoid mistakes when working with documentation and put an apostille so that the certificate is legal in the country where you are going.

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